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Agricultural Awareness Project :


“New York Agriculture Thrives at the Fair!”

Agriculture, New York State’s #1 industry!  The NYSAAF Agricultural Awareness program provides support to the local County Fairs to showcase New York’s best in agriculture and livestock.

Each year the program goal is to make funds available to Fairs to create exhibits or facility improvements that support agriculture during their annual events.  These funds enable the local Fair to present something about New York agriculture with an emphasis on education and product promotion in the local area.  With the support of the people the local Fair is the showcase. 

In 2017 there are ten (10) Fairs eligible for the program they include;

Allegany County Fair, Angelica, July 17-22. The Fair will undertake a building construction project to put a hip roof on the Dairy Barn. This new barn will provide more accommodations for the growing livestock population at the Fair.     

Cattaraugus County Fair, Little Valley, July 31 – August 6.  New livestock pens will house animals during the Fair.  It will provide more comfortable surroundings for both the animals and the patrons. 

Chenango County Fair, Norwich, August 8 – 13.  The Fair plans to partner with FFA to create a container garden space in front of the building to enhance and promote the various agricultural entities participating in the Fair.  The Fairgoers will be greeted with a more attractive entrance, and the kids will learn what is involved in creating these gardens.

Cortland County Junior Fair, Cortland, July 4 - 8.  Improved educational signs will grace the grounds promoting local agriculture.  Featured will be environment concerns for plant life, livestock, animal welfare, soil improvement and all that grows. 

Delaware County Fair, Walton, August 14 – 19.  The fair will feature its new mobile blacksmith shop.  The farrier will provide working demonstrations on the use and applications of the various tools of the trade.   

Herkimer County Fair, Frankfort, August 15 – 20.  A re-constructing project of the Ag Awareness Building is planned.  New floors, carpet and exhibits will help to give the fair visitors a more welcome and inviting educational experience.  New animal education banners will serve as the catalyst for learning in the new upgraded building.  

Jefferson County Fair, Watertown, July 11 – 16. Plans to create a NEW fiber exhibit will be an impressive new learning tool for the Fair.  Promoting the traditions of making quality hand-crafted item from animal fiber will be featured at the Fair.  Live daily hands-on  demonstrations will be highlight the Fair’s dedication to New York agriculture.  

Orleans County 4-H Fair, Albion – July 24 – 29.  With the ever-growing animal population at the Fair. The Ag Awareness funds will be used to purchase additional livestock pens for the animals during their stay at the Fair.  The comfort and welfare of the animals are of the utmost importance to the families that spend hours raising, training and educating about the importance of livestock.    

Oswego County Fair, Sandy Creek, August 9 – 13.  Education is very important to the mission of the Fair.  The public will have the chance to experience hands on where their food comes from, the process with which it is planted until it is harvested and shipped to the consumer.  Pick you apple, collect your eggs, and plant your seeds will be highlighted by this new and exciting educational exhibit.

Tioga County Fair, Owego, August 2 - 5.  Plans are to expand the petting zoo.  This will give the guest a hands-on experience with the animals. Educational banners will provide valuable information for the guest.  Veggie Racers will race their vegetable creations to the finish line for a fun filled day of laughter at the Fair. 

Wherever your destination throughout New York takes you, you will find a County Fair there that will peak your interest.  Be sure to stop by and visit one of the 52 Fairs in New York they will provide you with a great family experience.  A day at a Fair will provide you some insight into where your family’s food comes from, how it is grown, harvested and marketed to the public.  As people of this great State, we are proud to keep the tradition of the County Fair thriving here in New York!







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